Dab rigs are the up and coming trend for all smokers and at HerbTools we do not just stock the best dabbing rigs for sale, but we also have the latest accessories to go with them.




Our products are only available online and we pass the savings straight on to our customers. When you buy concentrate rigs from our shop you will only receive the highest quality glass that will quench your dabbing needs for years to come.

At HerbTools we look after both our new and old customers and always go the extra mile to help out. Not only can you pick up an incredible deal on a full concentrate set up but you can also buy replacement parts such as domeless nails in both ceramic, titanium and glass. Our prices start very low so that every smoker can get hold of what they need.

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Here we have cheap dab rigs for sale, dabbing is always known as a pricey practice but here at HerbTools we have grouped together a very affordable range of rigs for you to browse through. For a low price you will receive a high quality piece of glassware that, with some care, will last you long into the future! Don’t worry, although cheaper they still guarantee to give you the same great result. These percolator dab rigs will make a huge difference to the taste and texture of your smoke. When using concentrated oils the smoke can often be much harsher, combining the benefits of water filtration with a percolator on top will create a much smoother and more pleasurable experience. Adding a percolator to your dabbing experience is guaranteed to make a huge difference, they can come in many different shapes such as honeycomb, drum and tree versions. We have all kinds of percolator dab rigs for sale, including some really fancy versions that come cased. Simply take a browse through our catalog below and find your perfect one! Looking for something a bit different to do some dabbing with? Our recycler dab rigs are an innovative way of ensuring the water in your rig stays fresh and clean. The smoke is bubbled within the water chamber which is then drawn through the bottom tube where it then flows back into the water chamber via the top tube. The movement of the water keeps it oxygenated and prevents it from going stale which results in a fresher taste. Although their main purpose is to be used with oil, some of our recycler dab rigs for sale can multi-function to accept herb. With a multifunction oil bong you really do get the best of both worlds. Most people won’t want the expense of having to purchase separate products to use with their concentrates and herbs, so a 2-in-1 herb & oil bong offers a resolution to your problems. The interchangeable bowl means that it’s easy to have the diversity of your herb one day and your oil the next. Thinking about spending your hard earned cash on a dab rig and don’t want it to break when you travel with it? Then you need a cased dab rig. Each one of our products comes with a sturdy box with allocated slots for your rig plus additional extras. Not only is this a great method of keeping your new dab rig safe it also means you can keep all your items organised and together to minimize the risk of them going missing! In slick black designs, you can be sure that when you are travelling around with your rig it will be secure and safe in a case. Want it to be extra safe? You can even get a locked briefcase for extra peace of mind.

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Dec E. - Fast delivery very happy with my product have recommended herbtools to a lot of friends and they are very happy aswell great website

Wolfsbain - Great delivery speed and well packaged so as not to damage product. really high quality at reasonable prices. 100% will shop again

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