How to use a Bong

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how to use a bong

Using a bong for the first time can be a daunting experience, but the benefits are huge. Our handy guide is here to make sure you get the most out of your water pipe! Really, it's pretty simple when you know the ins and outs and you will soon be a bong smoking pro. So here is an easy guide to follow and you will soon be smoking away!

Using your new bong

Follow these easy steps to begin smoking using your new bong:

bong bowl

Have your smoking mix of your choice at the ready and grind it down. Then place it in the bowl attached to your bong.

where to put herb in a bong

Next, get a lighter and hold this to the smoking mix within the bowl, at the same time suck on the main pipe to draw the smoke into the bongs water chamber.

where to add vacuum pressure

Place your lips against the edges and slowly inhale

kick hole

Your new bong may have a kick hole on it otherwise known as a carb hole. Not all bongs will have these so don’t be surprised if you cant find it! You should cover this hole whilst you are sucking through the main pipe. When the pipe is full of smoke, release your finger off the hole. The effect of doing this is it helps to get all smoke out the pipe, you don’t want to leave any behind!

If you like you can pull the bowl out of the bong, as it allows more air to enter the pipe and you will be able to suck the smoke out easier.

You have just successfully taken your first bong hit! - There are so many bongs for sale here at HerbTools, take a look for yourself.

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