How to Modify your Bong

So you found your favourite bong but you kind of want to spice it up and make it look unique. Lucky for you there are easy ways to modify your bong, there are simple ways to create an effective change, such as changing the bong bowl or adding a precooler.

How to get the correct size

You must ensure that you get the right size or it wont fit on your specific bong. To do this, click the tab 'sizing', which is located above the bongs description box and you will find a row named ‘Mod size required.’ You must then make note of the joint size and type as these will be the one you require for your bong!

Use the filters on the left hand side of the category page to filter down the many different types of mods specific to your bong and pick the one you want!

bong modification bong modification at herbtools

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