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Percolator Bongs for sale

Percolator Bongs cool down the smoke by allowing it to flow over a larger surface area before inhalation. If you ask any fellow smoker that has used one of these previously they will be able to assure you how smooth the smoke can become when using this fantastic inbuilt feature! The majority of our products in this section are made from glass but we do stock the odd plastic version too for those on the hunt for a nice cheap option. There are many strong reasons to buy a percolator bong, but the biggest by far is the incredibly smooth smoke that they send sailing down your lungs.

Nothing gives a smooth smokey hit like a percolator bong. These incredible pipes include an internal glass partition, that takes the form of many different shapes such as a honeycomb or tree. No matter what shape the perc takes on, it achieves the same result; a superior smooth smoke. Whether you are prone to coughing or just enjoy the finer things in life, you should buy a percolator bong from HerbTools.

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