Cleaning a water pipe can be tricky business, so to ensure that your bong stays in top shape you’ll want to check out this handy tutorial! Have you noticed that your bong gets yellow and brown staining when you’ve been using it for long periods of time? Our tutorial can help you remove those stains and get your bong looking brand new. It can be applied to all smoking utensils you own and is quick and easy.

The best way to clean your bong is to make sure you remove your downstem and bowl first, failure to do this could result in broken pieces of your favourite bong everywhere! The only 2 products you need to get your bong shiny and new again are nail varnish remover and salt! It is important to make sure you start cleaning in a suitable environment as you don’t want to get any of the cleaning products on the floor!

Now, we begin the cleaning process

So you have your cleaning products ready, now it’s time to put them into action. Pour the nail varnish remover into your bong making sure you use a good amount so it fills the water chamber roughly half way. The next step is to add the salt to the nail varnish remover within your bong, use around five table spoons.

Be really careful on the next bit and hold on tight as you don’t want to drop your fave pipe! Cover all the holes and shake it vigorously. You’ll know if you’re shaking hard enough as the dirt from the pipe will begin to show in the nail varnish remover as it will turn a dirty tar colour. There will be no stains left and your bong will be crystal clear when it’s time to stop shaking.

Time for the downstem and bowl

Next it is time to clean the downstem and bowl of your bong. You will need a sealable bag or sandwich bag for this next step. Now you’ll need to place the parts separately in the sealable bag and fill them up with nail varnish. Around ¼ of the bag should do it. Then put in a pinch of salt and start shaking again. The pipe and down stem will be crystal clear when you’ve done a successful job.

After you finish

You want to make sure that you have thoroughly removed all the nail varnish residue from your water pipe and all the accessories you’ve cleaned or it will taste nasty when you next go to smoke. To resolve this, simply flush the parts you have cleaned up the tap with clean water and leave to air dry when you’re done. The finished result should leave all the parts shiny, clean and crystal clear! Now you are ready to use your bong and reap the rewards of a clean, tasty hit.

That is it, your bong is now clean!


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