It can be hard when choosing to buy online, you don't always know what the product will look like when it actually arrives as opposed to pictures. That’s why at HerbTools we created the perfect solution for you, and made videos of all our bongs. You can get a 360 degree view now of all the bongs by visiting out YouTube channel, or simply by viewing the video on the bong listing page. You will be able to see every curve, colour and shape of each bong.

Our videos are also great to help you judge the size of the bongs. We often find that pictures are great but don’t do our products justice, so sometimes it can be hard to tell if you’re even going to get on with it when it arrives. Our videos are all filmed in Super HD so you can clearly tell the colours and style of the product you are going to buy.

After you view our products, be sure to like and subscribe to our channel on YouTube. This means that you will stay up to date and be able to keep track of any cool new bongs we add to the site.

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