why you should buy a cheap bong

Some people can end up spending hundreds of pounds on bongs, sure they look amazing but for a much lower price you can get something that pretty much does the same thing! Yes you can get some pretty cool pieces when your budget is higher, but did you know that you can also spend a substantial small amount and still have something to show off to your friends about!

Reasons to buy a cheap bong

You should look to buy a cheap bong here at HerbTools as there are many different types that you can get for a low price. At HerbTools there is a huge selection, no matter what your budget is. Our cheap glass bongs are probably the most popular type as it gives you a smoother hit, we have 100+ cheap bongs that wont break your bank but will still get you on the right level!

If you have a favourite bong that you use all the time, you may consider investing in a cheap bong as a back up in case your all time favourite breaks. You wont have to spend a lot of money, but you'll always have the handy backup there just in case. They are useful to have also for if you're looking to share the smoking experience with your friends but don't want to risk them using your fave one and breaking it!