buy a bong online at herbtools

There are many reasons why you would consider to buy a bong for your smoking desires. If you’re looking for a new experience and are bored of your standard roll up smoking methods, here are some pointers as to why bong smoking is awesome.

You can get bongs in some really cool designs that are unique in shape, colour and even material. At HerbTools we offer different types suitable to everyone’s needs, such as glass, ceramic, plastic and even metal.

Smoking from a bong is way better for you health wise. Did you know you can cause substantial damage to your lungs from smoking a roll up? The idea of using water to filter the smoke through the bong means that many harmful toxins are removed from the smoke and tar can be reduced by up to 25%!

Buying a bong is also beneficial as you can get a bigger hit if that’s what you’re into and will experience the effects a lot quicker than having to toke. Lighting a bong causes a large amount of smoke to travel through the water pipe meaning your hit will be bigger and more fulfilling.

Bongs also come in different designs and look a lot cooler than getting out a cigarette! With such a wide range of choice you can have a completely different look and even effect as frequently as you want to buy a new one!