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Since early 2004 the market and demand for vapes has sky rocketed, this can be put down for a few different reasons. People are becoming more health conscious thanks to improved education and awareness, and also the fact that concentrates can be effectively vaped in public thanks to the stealthy pen shaped vaporizers becoming increasingly available at reputable online shops. Take a look around my website and you will find some personal reviews and YouTube videos of me discussing what makes a long lasting high quality vaporizer. I would always recommend that you go for a popular brand name that comes with a warranty, when it comes to electrical goods you should always look out for vapes that come with complete guarantees covering the battery - as that is the most expensive part. The herb and oil cartridge that most often screws onto the battery are interchangeable and can be replaced at a very cheap price.

UK Based Vaporizer Shop

I started off on herbal types long before concentrates were generally heard of, I was not too impressed as I couldn't come close to the feeling I received off a roll up or bong hit. But over the past two years I've been using concentrate vaporizers and rarely ignite my herb with a flame - apart from special occasions as I do enjoy the smoking sensation but I'm conscious of the damage I've been doing to my lungs. In my opinion there is not a best vape pen for concentrates as they all have the same preset temperature and work in the same method. Some are built to a higher standard than others which is why I mentioned earlier about checking the warranty that comes with your product. A branded company would not offer one of these if they thought their product was going to break down. You should also check out the selection of cheap vaporizers for sale they are always pretty effective. So with my wise words in mind, take off to the online vaporizer shop linked to at the top of this page and purchase yourself a lovely new oil pen.