bongs or roll ups

Bongs are better than cigarettes — at least this is the prevailing opinion among a lot of smokers. There are plenty of people out there who would very much prefer to smoke their mix through a bong, or a water pipe as some would call it, than as a cigarette.

There are plenty of reasons why smokers prefer a water pipe over a roll up. Here are some of the more popular reasons as to why that is so.

Reduced health risks

The main feature that separates a water pipe from other modes of smoking is that it uses water to filter the smoke. The smoke takes out a lot of the tar and toxins that raise health risks. This makes our bongs for sale the preferred option. Cigarettes don’t filter the tar and toxins as well as a bong.

Cooler and smoother hits

The water not only filters out the toxins and the tar, but it also cools the smoke. The lower temperature is what makes the hit so smooth and easy on a person’s throat. The difference that the water makes when it cools the smoke is immense.

Added flavor to the smoke

Some people like to make their smoking experience a little bit quirkier. They do this by adding flavored iced tea to their pipes. The flavored iced tea really makes a whole lot of difference since it gives the smoke a little bit of flavor. People can’t have this sort of experience when they use a cigarette to smoke their mix.