There is a lot of dispute between smokers about which is the best method to smoke from – bongs or cigarettes. There are a few factors as to why people would choose to smoke through their favourite water pipe as opposed to a roll up. Here is why;

One of the main reasons for using a bong over a roll up are that there is a less likely risk of any damaging health effects if you choose to use a bong. Find out why bongs are the healthier choice here.

The bong uses water to drastically cool the smoke, effectively creating a cleaner smoking effect. Did you know that smoking a roll up fills your lungs with red hot smoke? This means that using one of our bongs is less damaging for your health in the long term.

A bong will also make sure that you will get a colder and smoother hit from your smoke, allowing you to really get the taste from your smoking mix. Using a roll up means you are burning at a high temperature and causing damage potentially to your throat and lung. As the bong forces the smoke through the water the outcome is a cooler and safer one!

You will also find that you can get a different smoking experience by using flavours to enhance the smoking experience. A lot of people will do this by using flavoured liquids such as iced tea or coke in their bong. This will give a fruity taste, a lot more interesting than a tasteless rolling paper.