glass bongs

There are different types of bongs on the market, so it can be daunting trying to decide which type you want to try. But research has shown that the best type of bong you can purchase is a glass bong, and here are some reasons as to why they are awesome.

Firstly, using a glass bong means you are reducing potential health threats by smoking through a glass bong. The water inside the pipe acts as a filter, that’s why you will often see a build up of a yellowish substance on the sides of the glass when you use your bong overtime. This is harmsul toxins that would otherwise have entered your lungs if you weren’t using your bong!

They also give you a better hit when smoked from. Some other materials can produce a harsher hit whilst glass is a lot smoother. Youre not going to get any horrible tastes in your mouth afterwards of have to inhale any toxins from the material.

You can also get many different designs and shapes. Glass is easily transformed so there are so many different shapes you can try. Some glass bongs can even come in cool unique colours. Glass bongs are the one to go for as they give a smoother drag, you know when they require a clean as the glass will be dirty and they keep your smoke cool and smooth.