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Ultimate Guide to Rolling Papers

rolling papers

Whether you are new to the scene or looking to improve your knowledge of rolling papers, there is something to be learned here for everyone! From legal questions about the law to steering away from potentially dangerous types of rolling papers, this is a must-read for everyone who smokes rollies.

Is it illegal to carry rolling papers?

No, not in the UK, USA, or Canada anyway. Rolling papers can be used for smoking anything from legal products like Tobacco and Greengo to illegal products such as marijuana. Having rolling papers in your pocket is no indication of your intentions. If you have ever been into a real-life shop and asked for 'King Size Slim' then you may get a few funny looks as the majority of these purchases are used for smoking something other than tobacco. Tobacco users normally use regular-sized paper to make a 'rollie', but there will always be the odd one that wants a larger roll. So do not concern yourself about any misplaced looks the clerk may give you when buying your king size!

What is the most popular rolling paper?

Popular brands of rolling papers include Rizla, Raw, and VIP. Zig-Zag enjoyed a lot of popularity in the past but began to fade away after rumors sparked about them being unhealthier than these other popular brands. For a long time in the UK, Rizla held a monopoly on king-sized papers as shops would only stock them and not others. As time goes more places are stocking RAW in their shops as the demand for it is higher than Rizla. Other well-known brands like VIP rolling papers have to be ordered online.

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Which rolling papers are the healthiest?

Rice and Hemp rolling papers that are unrefined are the healthiest type of rolling papers on the market. Whilst there isn't a huge amount of research on this subject, common sense dictates that unrefined rolling papers are the healthiest type as they have been played around with a lot less. Refined papers go through more processing which includes bleaching to make them white. This is purely for visual reasons, it adds nothing to the quality and therefore is completely unnecessary and mostly avoided by the health-conscious smoker.

Which rolling papers are easiest to roll?

Different fingers prefer different textures so this question is up for debate. These products are so cheap that your best bet is to buy a few different brands and try for yourself. A top tip to rolling one up is to ensure your fingers are not dry as this makes it nearly impossible. If you have just got out the shower you will find it incredibly difficult to roll one up! Try moisturizing your hands a little before rolling.

What are the cheapest rolling papers?

This really depends on where you shop. Generally, rolling papers cost between 70 pence to 90 pence but the more you purchase the cheaper it gets. For example, one pack of VIP costs 90 pence on our store. But if you buy a 50 pack, it comes to about 40 pence per pack! A huge discount for bulk orders. The price of these products are so similar people do not tend to bother shopping around for the best deal unless they are placing a huge order from a wholesaler.

What are the cleanest rolling papers?

As mentioned above when we talked about the healthiest options, unrefined rice or hemp paper are the cleanest rolling papers available on the market. Most users do prefer to sway to hemp as it is eco-friendly and it burns clean. Rice is still a good option and is equally as popular.

Do rolling papers have nicotine?

No, rolling papers do not contain nicotine. This is a strange rumor, the nicotine has to be added yourself when rolling. Many smokers to tend to add tobacco to their herbs to help it burn better. But it is not a good idea as tobacco is most often the unhealthiest ingredient in your rollup! On top of that, some people will not add a cotton-based filter so they are getting even more nasties every time they smoke.


Are clear rolling papers safe to smoke?

Clear rolling papers are classed as 'safe to smoke' as they are created from cellulose which is a natural plant-derived ingredient. The other ingredients used are water and glycerin. However, it is now known that burning these ingredients release carcinogens. Of course, burning your smoking mix will also release these, but why add extra? This is why most people tend to avoid clear rolling papers as they are not as safe to smoke as regular rice and hemp papers.

So there you have it! A lot of popular questions have now been answered. We hope you have learned a few things about rolling papers from this ultimate guide.

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