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The Ultimate Guide to Buying a Bong

The Ultimate Guide to Buying a Bong

When you first set out to buy a bong it could potentially feel like an easy and quick purchase, after browsing around a bong shop you will soon realise that there is a lot of different terminologies and some bongs look completely different than others! For many, it can be a little confusing so we have written this ultimate guide to buying bongs in a style that everyone can understand. Whether you are about to buy your first bong or are looking for additional items for your collection, there is a little something to learn by reading this guide.

We will cover all questions you may have about bongs including terminology, materials, benefits, and styles; so get ready to become a bong expert!

The different names for Bongs

This can be the most confusing part of buying a new 'piece'. Here are the different words used for bongs:

  • Piece
  • Water Pipe
  • Billy
  • Bubbler (this is a slightly different shape and is not actually a bong, but it works in the exact same way)
best glass bongs

What is the best type of bong

Like most 'what is the best' questions, a lot can come down to personal opinion and preference. However, for the reasons we will layout below it is safe to say that most people agree that the best type of bongs is glass ones. Here is why.

Why you should buy a glass bong

The top reason why people use a bong is to create a cleaner and smoother smoke. Glass bongs offer the smoothest smoke available if you ever have the privilege of using several different bongs made from other materials you will immediately notice the difference in the texture of the smoke produced. Once your piece has had some use it will have a build-up of tar and it will be time to clean your bong. Glass is by far the easiest type of pipe to clean, a massive advantage is being able to see the build-up too. If you do not clean your piece then it will start to give a nasty taste when being used.

So along with creating a smoother smoke, glass bongs can also be maintained long into the future to continue producing top-quality smoke. Unlike other materials, there are also endless modification opportunities that allow the user to really make their bong unique.

materials used for bongs

What are Bongs made from

There are 6 different materials that bongs are currently being produced from, some are much more common than others. We have arranged them below by popularity to give you an idea of what smokers consider the best.

glass bongs

Glass Bongs

As covered above, glass bongs trump all others due to their cleaner and cooler smoke. The only drawback is quite a serious one and that is how easy it is to knock it over and break it. You should never store your glass piece on the floor; as careful as you think you will be, it is just bound to get knocked over by either yourself, a friend, or a pooch!

Advtanges of Glass Bongs

  • Best smoke available.
  • Elegant appearance and incredible designs.
  • Endless accessories and modifications.
plastic bongs

Plastic Bongs

Smokers can be known for being a little clumsy, it is no surprise that plastic bongs are a top choice. It really makes sense to keep a plastic one in your collection in case you break or damage a more fragile one. They really do make great, long-lasting, smoking partners. Unless you store your plastic pipe sideways on the floor and stand on it, then you can count on it serving you long into the future! It really is quite tricky to break a plastic bong.

Advtanges of Plastic Bongs

  • Very durable, hard to break.
  • Cheap prices.
  • Colourful and eye-catching designs.
ceramic bongs

Ceramic Bongs

Along with a clean smoke, ceramic bongs best trait is the incredibly creative designs they come in. If you are after something that does not look like a normal bong then ceramic is a top choice. For some people it can be hard to even identify some of the designs as a smoking device, they are a good discreet option that also has amazing ornamental properties.

Advtanges of Ceramic Bongs

  • Outraguest shapes and designs, very creative models on the market.
  • Much more discreet than your standard piece.
  • Fantastic ornamental properties, looks great on a shelf.
wooden bongs

Wooden Bongs

Most commonly these types are made from bamboo and they have a real vibe about them. Buying one of these can ensure you have a reliable smoking device long into the future. If you are after something natural, reliable, and cheap, then wooden bongs are a great purchase. In today's world, so many objects are produced from materials that undergo a lengthy process. Having a wooden pipe gives a real peaceful, natural, and humble feeling.

Advtanges of Wooden Bongs

  • Simplistic designs.
  • Nice and natural materials.
  • Pretty strong and will last long into the future.
metal bongs

Metal Bongs

Whilst they do find their way into some smokers collections, metal bongs are not a top choice for many people. There is a bit of an industrial feeling to them and the designs are often very basic without anything fancy going on. They are a very strong piece that will last, but when it comes to choice there really isn't much on an option.

Advtanges of Metal Bongs

  • Robust, shiny, pretty cheap.
  • Bound to last the user long into the future.
silicone bongs

Silicone Bongs

Since around 2017 silicone bongs have found their way into many smoke shops. They are often quite overpriced when you consider how cheap silicone is to produce. The thought of putting a flame near silicone and then inhaling is not very appealing. But, they are nearly indestructible and out of all the materials they are the strongest by far. They are the only bong that can survive being stood on, which is a pretty impressive property.

Advtanges of Silicone Bongs

  • Practically industrible
  • Bright eye-catching colours and designs

Want to know more about the benefits of each type? Learn more about the different types of bongs

So which bong should you buy

So now you know what to expect when purchasing a bong and you understand the benefits of each different material. When shopping for your new bong you can filter the products by your chosen material(s), the only differential will be the height of the bong and any extras it might include internally such as different types of percolators. If you do not know what that is then check out our guide on what is a percolator bong.

You may think that height is just a preference in appearance. But the height of your new bong will make a big difference in more ways than one and is worth pondering over a little. There are benefits to all and you should think about where and how you will use your water pipe in order to conclude on the best height.

Small bongs are fantastic for using at a computer, sitting them on top of a table is easy and they do not get in the way. You can take a hit whilst remaining in your chair. Imagine trying to take a bong hit off a 50cm bong whilst sitting at a computer! In another situation, if you have smoke friends over for a smoke, then you might want a large bong that fits plenty of smoke in and has a fierce presence!

The internal space within your bong will make a huge difference on the pull when you draw the smoke in or try to clear it. A small piece is much easier to draw and clear whilst a large one takes much more effort.


As you can see, the market place for bongs is extensive and much more in-depth than many people first realise. Once you know a few details, shopping for a new pipe will be much clearer in your head. Following the tips above about materials and height will greatly help you to pick the very best bong for your lifestyle.

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