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The Top 7 Ways to use Herbs

The Top 7 Ways to use Herbs

Everyone out there knows you can smoke your herb to achieve the desired effects, but there is actually more than one way to use herbs! This article is perfect for anyone who is new to the scene and wants to try different ways of consuming this sacred herb! We are going to list a few different ways that include popular techniques of smoking along with non-smoking methods for the health conscious stoner!

joints and blunts

Joints & Blunts

The most iconic way to smoke is by skinning up a Joint or a Blunt. The only difference between these are the rolling papers used to craft them. A joint uses standard cigarette papers whilst a blunt uses a cigar wrap. A blunt with not have any tobacco inside whilst a joint may also contain tobacco. Some people refer to a joint as a blunt when there is no tobacco present. No matter which you roll up, the technique of smoking is the same.

The simplicity of a joint makes them the top choice worldwide for smoking herbs. Joints are incredibly iconic thanks to their frequent screentime on movies and music videos. You do not have to of ever smoked to identify one. Stoners can always agree that joints are the most sociable way to inhale your herbs as they can be passed around a group without being damaged like a bong!

There are many types of rolling papers for sale such as flavoured ones or hemp ones. Most users stick to plain rolling papers for a few different reasons but keeping different papers or cigar wraps for special occasions is always worthwhile.

bongs and pipes

Bongs & Pipes

The second most popular method of smoking is by use of Bongs. The herb is placed into a bowl which is inserted into the bong, the user then applies a flame to the herb whilst creating vacuum pressure on the mouth piece of the bong. This method draws smoke into the bong and through a chamber of water that cools and cleanses it. The process is simple but can feel confusing at first until you have had a bit of practice.

Smoking pipes work the same way as the above bong apart from they do not use water and are much smaller in size. They are both equally as popular and it really comes down to preference. However, bongs will always give much smoother hits thanks to the water filtration. Pipes are handy as you can pick them up and use them instantly, unlike the other where you need to start replacing the water etc.

Both of these products above come in all sorts of radical styles, shapes, and colours. Many smokers love to collect glassware as a hobby due to the beautiful craftsmanship that goes into their design. herb vaporizers


When the first herb vaporizer came out it was a massive game changer that went down in history. All the above methods of smoking have been around for centuries, but the vape was the first time something truly new came out thanks to our advanced technology. Many people believe that vaping is the healthiest way to inhale.

These devices work placing your herbs into a sealed chamber. The vaporizer then heats this chamber up to an approximate temperature of 190 to 210 Celcius. At this temperature range, the herbs do not ignite, but the key ingredients vaporize allowing the user to inhale them without potentially causing the damage that smoking does to your lungs. It is by far the cleanest way to inhale herbs which is what made them so instantly popular. Once the desktop designs where enhanced and turned into Herb Vaporizer Pens the popularity tripled and more. As well as being quick and easy it was also discreet due to the lack of smell when in use.


Edibles & Tinctures

Herbs can potentially become much healthier when eaten correctly as your body can absorb all of the goodness without any additional and unnecessary nasties from igniting and smoking. Herbal Brownies are always a very popular method for edibles but you can actually turn anything you like into an edible. Once you have made your base edible in the form of butter or coconut oil, it can be used either on its own or in any type of cooking or drinks.

Edibles are known for being much more intense than smoking and the duration of the effects can last much longer too! It can take around 1 to 2 hours for the effects to kick in after eating or ingesting.

Tinctures are much less common as they are more technical to make. The effects are the same as edibles but the substance is far more concentrated due to the way it is made.

preffered ways to consume herbs

What method do users prefer?

We started a poll on two popular forums to find out which methods of using herbs are the most popular. In total 395 people cast their opinions and here are the results:

  • 180 people voted for Joints
  • 104 people voted for Bongs & Pipes
  • 78 people voted for Vaporizers
  • 33 people voted for Edibles


So there you have it, although there are healthier ways to use your herbs not everyone prefers it. Whilst everyone has different preferences, the winners are clear! The best way to decide on the preferred method for yourself is to simply try them all.

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