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The Best place to buy cheap cannabis seeds in 2020

The Best place to buy cheap cannabis seeds in 2020

A common question that is asked by many collectors around the globe is 'where is the best place to buy cheap cannabis seeds'. When it is your first time making this type of purchase then there is a few important notes that you should listen too. A quick online search will bring up a whole barrage of results when you start looking to make a purchase. Because you want to obtain the very strongest genetics and actually receive your order, it can be quite overwhelming when it comes to deciding on which seedbank to use.

The best option would be a shop that has fair prices, many good reviews, and an active customer support program in case any postage issues were to arise. At HerbTools we recommend that you use a few different methods to research a company before deciding which one you are going to use. Let's break down a few key points that you should check when doing your 420 related shopping.

What to check for when purchasing cheap cannabis seeds

Find reviews about the company - You can do this by searching for the company name with 'Reviews' written after. Find a few trustworthy looking sources and have a look at what people are saying. But be aware that when a customer is satisfied, how often will they leave a positive review? Negative reviews are much more commonly left so unless the reviews are plagued with nothing but negative ones, do not pay too much attention to the odd one.

Online forums are a great choice for checking reputations - The 420 community on cannabis forums are often purchasers of the precious marijuana seed. They will often point you in the right direction of a reliable seedbank. There will most likely be banners for cannabis seedbanks displayed around the forum which are vetted by the admin too.

Drop the company a message before ordering - This is a great way to find out for yourself how good a company is. Here at Herb Tools we often get customers messaging us about certain bongs before placing an order. Rather than relying on other people, this tactic shows you personally how active the seedbank is.

who we recommend

Our recommendations for the Best Place to Buy your Cheap Cannabis Seeds

We have been in this industry for a long time and we often get talking to other companies, we know a few different cannabis seed shop owners personally and can vouch for their authenticity. Here are a few well known online shops where you can make your purchase:

  • Sticky Seeds have cheap cannabis seeds that are proven to compete with any well-known breeder on the current market. They are a great place to buy from and offer fast delivery.
  • King Kaya Seeds popped up last year and have made some very fast progress in the niche, they are a trusted London based seedbank with a fantastic range of cannabis seeds for sale.
  • Seedsman are a very well known company who have been around since the golden days, a quick look at their reviews will show you that they are a trusted company.

All three of these companies operate in the UK but ship worldwide, there are many more choices around but these are the ones we know more about. Their products are shown to work very well but please remember that in the UK you are unable to cultivate cannabis due to the current laws.

Cheap Cannabis Seeds - Are they any good?

When you want to buy cheap cannabis seeds you will soon be thinking about the prices, after visiting a few websites you will notice the price range per seed seems to be £5 to £15 each depending on the breeder. It may not sound like a huge range but one is triple the price of the other! If you research into the seeds using forums and information by legal growers, you can quickly see that paying more does not always mean better results. It is clearly noticeable that cheap cannabis seeds can perform to higher levels when purchased from the right shop.

cheap cannabis seeds compared

The graph above shows the same strain of marijuana that is currently being produced by 4 different breeders. Many people know that breeders statistics is not always completely accurate, due to differences in phenos, seed batches, growing environment, nutrients etc. This information was compiled using forum data from respected members who are more than capable of producing a healthy crop. The statistics show that the cheap cannabis seeds performed just as well as the ones that cost double the price!

If you are going to the trouble of preserving your seeds long term then it really makes sense to do your research before making the purchase. There is, unfortunately, no way to know the quality simply by looking at the seed, so make sure you find a good place to buy from by taking notes of the provided information above.

Is it safe to buy cannabis seeds online

Yes, it is safe and fully legal to buy cannabis seeds online in the UK. However, it is illegal to germinate the seeds so they are only allowed to be purchased as collection items or for preservation purposes.

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