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Learn how to use a Bong

How to Use a Bong

how to use a bong

Using a bong for the first time can be a daunting experience for many people, but the benefits are huge when compared to other methods of inhaling. On first inspection, a bong can be pretty confusing as there is truly no other piece of apparatus like it. With several open ends, it is not uncommon for beginners to make embarrassing mistakes on their first encounter! But mistakes are how we learn, so do not let it put you off.

We want our customers to be able to use their products purchased from us safely and correctly, so we have put together this handy guide and video to help teach any newcomers on how to use a bong for the first time. Simply check out the details below and you will soon be a bong smoking pro!

Using your new Bong for the first time

Important safety notice: Before using your new piece you need to inspect it for damages such as cracks or worse. Glass is horrendously sharp and can be dangerous. A quick check before each use is important and worthwhile. If any removable pieces are stuck then do not force them, seek help from a professional bong master or glassblower! Heating up the glass with a flame will cause it to expand, once it cools down it will shrink again. Doing this can help unstick any pieces but should only be performed by an experienced glass artist.

Follow these easy steps to begin smoking using your new bong:

bong bowl

Every bowl will look a little different but the method of use is exactly the same for all. It is normally located lower down the pipe and will always be a similair shape as this image. Have the smoking mix of your choice at the ready and grind it down; this is important as it will burn much better and stop wastage. Place the mix in the bowl attached to your bong.

where to put herb in a bong

Next, take a flame and hold this to the smoking mix within the bowl, at the same time suck on the main pipe to draw the smoke into the bongs water chamber. This vacuum pressure draws the flame into the smoking mix and directs it through the water of the bong. This then cools the previously hot smoke and gives the hit that desired dreamy texture. Using hemp wick instead of a lighter is a much more desirable method as it involves less toxins than a lighter.

where to add vacuum pressure

The exit pipe is where you want to place your mouth when applying the vacuum pressure. It is normally the highest part of the bong but on some fancier designs it may be mid level. The exit pipe is always higher than the bowl, so that will help you to avoid using your piece backwards! Place your lips gently inside the pipe, creating a seal around the pipe. Begin to slowly inhale and you will soon find the right pressure to gently begin bubbling the water within your piece. You can practise this method without lighting the smoking mix.

kick hole

Your new bong may have a kick hole on it, also known as a carb hole. Not all bongs will have these so don’t be surprised if you cant find it! You should cover this hole whilst you are sucking through the main pipe or you will not be able to achiece the nessacary vacuum to start the process. When the pipe is full of smoke, release your finger off this kick hole. The reason for doing releasing the whole is to help draw air underneath the smoke when it is time to inhale. This boosts the smoke up and out of the bong, making it much easier for the user to inhale the previously drawn in smoke.

A fancy tip for looking extra cool

After your piece is full of smoke you can remove your mouth from the exit and cover the pipe with your hand. This will give you a chance to relax and get ready to inhale. Once you are feeling zen and ready, you exchange your hand with your mouth. Along with releasing the kick hole you can pull the bowl out of the bong, this allows even more air to enter the bong and you will be able to suck the smoke out easier and faster.

So that is it, pretty simple when you know! We hope you enjoyed learning how to use a bong, and hopefully you are about to successfully take your first bong hit! - There are so many bongs for sale here at HerbTools, take a look for yourself and find your perfect water pipe!

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