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How to measure up a replacement downstem for your bong

How to measure up a Replacement Downstem for your Bong

So you, or a friend, have broken your bongs downstem (aka downpipe) and now you need to figure out how to measure up a replacement. No need to fear, HerbTools is here!

Types of downstems

There are two different types of downstem to consider;

Downstem with Bowl - These have a permanently attached bowl for your herbs

Socket Downstem - These have an open socket, you will need to buy a separate bowl or reuse your old one (but be aware of the joint size of your current bowl, it may not fit).

Socket Downstems are preferred by many smokers as they allow you to remove the bowl without dripping water everywhere, this makes cleaning out the ash much easier. However some people opt for a downstem with bowl as it is the cheapest option.

Types of downstems for bongs

Measuring up your replacement downstem

There are two things you need to know, your bongs joint size and required length.

Joint Size - If you do not know your bongs joint size, you can simply measure the internal width of your bongs open socket using a ruler. For more details on joint sizes you can refer to our guide on joint sizes here.

Length - If you already know the length needed then you are good to go. But if not, you will need a pencil and a marker pen (or you can find similar tools and make do). Take the pencil and insert it into your bong, whilst keeping it flat against the inside of the glass joint, this way you can keep the correct angle and get a true measurement. Lower the pencil until it is around two centimetres away from hitting the bottom of your water chamber. Mark the pencil with the marker pen level with the rim of the bongs joint.(see pics).
Now simply use a ruler or tape measure on the pencil and you can see what length you need!

So that's it, you are all set and ready to get your bong back in working action! You can buy a downpipe here at HerbTools

How we measure our downstems

Because the whole of the glass joint will go inside the bong, we measure downstems from the start of the glass joint to the end of the downstem. See the picture below

how to measure downstem

It is always a good idea to keep a spare downstem for emergencies! Along with our large range of bongs we also have several styles of downstems for sale, feel free to take a look! If you need any extra help, you can always open a support ticket with our team.

bong downpipe replacement

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