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Different Types of Percolator Bongs

Different Types of Percolator Bongs

If you’re looking for a different smoking experience to the norm you’re going to want to try a percolator bong, rather than a standard bong. There are many different types for you to choose from to help enhance your bong, so here is a run down of the different types and how they individually work

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tree percolator

Tree percolator – These range between having 3 – 12 individual arms inside the percolator. This means that the tree percolator is effectively able to diffuse your smoke through 12 different partitions! By separating the smoke this means you will have a smoother smoking experience. The tree will also have small slit openings on the bottom of it which can create a bubble effect. The smaller these are, the more the smoke will be filtered.

drum percolator

Next is a drum percolator bong. These work by spreading the smoke around and making the hits even more smooth. The drum has vertical slits in it all the way around so you can sure to get a lot of diffusion out of it and a bubbly smoking experience.

dome percolator

If you’re looking for a cheaper option for a percolator you should consider a dome percolator. As the name would indicate, these are shaped like a dome. You will get a basic diffusing experience if you choose to use one of these, mainly due to the lack of slits so therefore less diffusion is able to be created. The shape of the percolator means they are great at stopping tars in the water.


The most attractive to look at is the honeycomb percolator and one of the most unique at diffusing. This works by the smoke travelling through the hundreds of tiny holes. As the smoke is forced through these, it means your smoke will be smoother and cooler. It is important that the holes in the honeycomb are not too large or small as this will ruin the effect.

inline diffuser

Inline diffusers are the next type of percolator available. These are normally long and perpendicular and sit at the bottom of the pipe. The bottom is usually lined with slits or holes that are separated. When the smoker takes the hit, the water passes length ways through the diffusers and is pushed out the holes. As such, they often create lovely patterns in the water from the bubbles!

shower percolator

You can also use a shower percolator in your bong also. This is a small tube that runs around the base of the bong that has holes or slits in it. As the smoke passes through, the bubbles pass up to the top of the bong creating a shower like effect!

spiral percolator

Spiral percolators are the next type to possibly be in your bong! The glass in the centre is shaped in a spiral with a hole built in. you will find that the smoke can be harder to pull through in this design, although they look pretty, so pick wisely!

turbine disc

Although not an actual percolator, turbine discs still act in a diffuser type of way. The angle and cuts in the disc allow the water to spin and create a cyclone effect.

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