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Different Types of Bongs

Different Types of Bongs

different types of bongs

At HerbTools there is a huge variety of bongs available to suit everyone’s needs. Some people might struggle to choose which bong is going to be the right one for them or may want some info if they are looking to try something new. This guide will help you and make the decision a bit easier.

guide on glass bongs


Glass bongs are definitely the most popular form of pipe. This is because glass creates a cleaner, smoother and cooler hit for the smoker. Glass pipes are popular also as they are way easier to clean than other materials and you are able to see when a clean is required.

guide on plastic bongs


Another type of bong available is plastic. These are great as you can be sure they will last you a long time as they are strong and sturdy. Plastic bongs can also be picked up for a low price in many cool designs.

guide on ceramic bongs


Ceramic bongs are popular as they come in many cool different designs as these can be painted directly onto the bong. They normally weigh a bit more than your standard bong because of the materials used but make for a nice bong or decorative piece.

guide on bamboo bongs


You can also get water pipes made from bamboo. The authentically designed water pipe works great as it looks more traditional. They are often sold to a high standard and are varnished to create a beautiful finish.

guide on metal bongs


You can get metal bongs also. If you want something that looks rugged and cool then this design is the one for you! Not only can you get one for a super good price, you can also be sure that they will last you for a long period of time as metal is not going to easily break!

percolator bongs


If you’re looking to smoothen out your bong hits even more then you should try one of our percolator bongs. These are designed to separate the smoke through individual pieces of glass. As you can imagine, this process means your smoke will come out even more cooler and filtered, check our guide on the different types of percolators here.

guide on freezable bongs


Next are freezable bongs. These are designed so you can take out the special internal part of it, put it in the freezer for your desired time and put it back in the bong. When you take your next hit, the smoke is cooled to sub zero temperatures meaning you got a really cold smooth hit.

guide on cased bongs


So you’ve spent a lot of money on a bong and you don’t want it to break? The cased bong is for you! Most of them will come lined and cushioned so when you place your bong in it it’s not going to break! They are great for travelling around and having the piece of mind that your bong will remain safe. You can also account for all the parts and keep them together safe.

guide on multi-outlet bongs


Are you a social smoker? You will definitely want to try a multi outlet bong. They work by 2 or more tubes coming out of them so you can all take hits at the same time. This is fun for hanging out with friends and sharing your smoke.

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