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Benefits of using a Bong

All the Benefits of Using a Bong

benefits of using a bong or water pipe

There are many benefits to using a bong rather than smoking through another method such as rolling a cig. The way the smoke is inhaled via a bong is completely different than conventional methods, but the main benefits are as follows:

  • The first benefit is that the temperature of the smoke is made significantly cooler when using a bong. Did you know that hot smoke is significantly worse for your lungs? The bong cools the smoke to a safer level.
  • When the smoke is being filtered through water it removes some harmful toxins found in the smoke, making it safer all round
  • You will find that the taste of the smoke will be smoother compared to other smoking methods
  • Using a bong is so much easier than fiddling around trying to roll a cig. The process is quick and easy and you can get to smoke way quicker!
  • The fact that you are not inhaling any additional things such as papers or extra smoking mixes, creates a more natural smoke

what does the water in a bong do

What is the point in using water within the bong?

So how does the water work in bongs? It simply acts as filtration and cools the smoke down and gives an overall better outcome, the smoke is less scratchy on the throat & feels much nicer to take down. You also get the benefit of listening to the cool bubbling noise the bong makes!



Another great factor about using a bong is they are able to stop the harmful toxins partially. They work as a successful filter, you will notice that after heavy usage the glass will be coloured by a yellowish tint and staining will begin to appear. This means that you’ve avoided all this tar entering your lungs as its resided on the glass instead! You can use our how to clean a bong tutorial to combat this.

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