nails for dabbing rigs
All of our dabbing rigs come complete with nails and domes, but depending on the product you may receive a glass or titanium nail (check picture of product). There are different benefits for each type of dabbing nails. We will now seek to explore some of the most popular nail styles which are employed in dab rig manufacturing. We will further discuss the strength of the materials used in each style.

Titanium Nail Dab Rigs

For the most part, titanium nails are the ideal nail styles for experienced dabbers. The material is virtually indestructible and is named as one of those materials that are pretty much next to perfect. They do an extremely great job of heating up the concentrate, but the only problem is that sometimes it is capable of doing too great a job. By virtue of the fact that titanium attracts heat, sometimes it ends up getting so hot that it actually burns the concentrate than converting it into a vapor.

Glass Nails

Although glass is pretty strong when you compare their use in the manufacturing of bongs, pipes and other instruments; when nails in dab rigs are being considered, glass nails are generally the last consideration for dabbers. This is because, although borosilicate is strong, it certainly does not make for a strong and sturdy nail. Furthermore, glass does not have the capacity to hold and maintain heat at high levels which are necessary for vaporization to occur. What usually occurs when the glass nail is heated to high levels is that it breaks or even shatters. Even if they do not shatter or break immediately, they will need to be replaced often and this proves to be way more costly than just investing in a more durable nail.

Domeless Nails

When you consider all the materials you can work with, domeless nails are by far the best option. Instead of messing around with a dome you can simply do away with it and get straight to dabbing. Plus losing or breaking the dome is an absolute nightmare! We stock both glass and titanium domeless nails too, so if you are on a budget you can still go for a domeless!