gun bongs

What better way to look cool than to have a bong shaped as a bong, right?! Your friends will be totally jealous when they see the beautifully crafted piece you own made to look like a gun!

We currently offer 4 different types that are bound to appeal to everyone! One of our best sellers is the super cool zombie machine gun bong. What better way to wow your friends then to toke on this the next time you hang out? The bong is largely sized and made to look as authentic as possible. People wont know if youre off to slay zombies or just look cool doing your next hit.

Maybe you’re more of a smaller pistol type fan? We offer 2 stunning bongs for pistol fans. You can get the jet black ceramic pistol bong which looks the part, and shockingly authentic. This bong is made from ceramic so it looks dark and stunning with deep colours. Or, the peace keeper pistol for if you are more into glass designs. This bong not only looks the part but you’ll be able to see your smoke swirling around whilst you toke from the barrel!

Last but not least is the AK47 style bong, the perfect medium. Maybe you don’t want something as big as the machine gun or as small as the pistol. Again this one is made from glass with intricate dealing and super real looking!