percolator bong

Every time you buy a bong from the HerbTools online shop we donate money to charity. Currently our donations are going to help water aid in order to bring fresh clean drinkable water to thousands of people.

We have plenty of different types of bongs for sale on our bong shop including very popular brand names such as grace glass and black Leaf. These high quality branded pipes are very popular products here, as well as plenty of cheap products to pick from, you can also browse to buy a percolator bong.

These percolator bongs include a special piece of glass halfway up the main tube. This glass piece collects all of the smoke together and then spins it around, churns it up and then spits it back out giving it a whole new smooth texture.

Just take a look around our online bong shop and make use of all the sub categories and filters, this will help you find your perfect bong as we have hundreds for you to browse through. You can order the products by multiple different attributes, such as color, height, glass thickness and so much more.

If you have any questions or need some help just use the contact form and a member of staff will be with you quickly!