We have been supplying our customers high quality bongs for 5 years now and in a way not much has changed on the HerbTools Bong Shop.

Now that can come across a little strange, but we always started our online shop as we meant to continue. From day one we have supplied our customers with lightning-fast customer support, high quality products at cheap prices that last long into the future and continuously added new products for you to browse and buy.

Of course our collection of bongs for sale has increased greatly, in fact we have now tripled our range of water pipes. But we are still always on the lookout for more high quality smoking pipes to offer our customers.

We are renown worldwide for our amazing selection of bongs, this is because we ship all across the globe, usually cheaper than other shops. We make it very easy for a customers to modify and accessories our glass bongs by including easy-to-follow guides and showing our customers what types of precoolers and bowls will fit the chosen water pipe. There are always new types of bongs coming onto the market and you can trust that HerbTools will have them for sale along with all your favorites and classics products.