We are bong crazy at HerbTools so we've published some fantastic and helpful guides to help you get the most from your pipe. Whilst we are more than happy to guide our customers one to one via email, having these guides will help our customers get the info they are after without having to wait! Here are the current list of help pages we have.

how to use a bong

How to use a bong

how to use a bong - Let's start with the absolute basics and assume you are brand new to the game, this guide will show you exactly how a standard bong is used for smoking.

Cleaning your bong

how to clean a bong - This is a very important one. If you do not clean, you will not wean (win). Coming up with a catchy phrase isn't so easy. But to the point, if you do not perform this task you will find out quite quickly how bad smoke can truly taste. Once tar begins to stick to the side of the bong it will add some really foul tastes to the smoke.

different types of bongs

Learn about the different types of bongs

different types of bongs - If you are unsure what type of bong you should buy, then here is a great place to start. You will learn all about the different styles we have on offer.

Modifying your bong

how to modify a bong - We all get bored at some point, but instead of forking out for a brand new bong you can easily renew the look and function of your current pipe!

benefits of water inside a bong

Benefits of using a bong

benefits of a bong - Many people buy bongs because of how incredibly fun they are to use. But did you know that there are some real benefits of having water inside the bong?

Now that you are all full up with new knowledge and power, go ahead and view all of our eccentric bongs for sale and find your new smoking buddy!