percolator bong

We feel that every customer should strongly consider the percolator bong. When you buy a percolator bong you will never think twice about whether or not you want a normal glass pipe or a percolator version. As well as looking super awesome the percolator bong actually has some huge benefits in both taste and health.

The percolator refers to the intricate glass work built inside the pipe. It can come in many different shapes and sizes but they all have the same aim. It is impossible to say which type is the best as they all do an amazing job at filtering the smoke.

The main purpose of percolator bongs (shop here) is to give the user a more tasteful and smooth smoking experience. This is achieved by sending the smoke into a glass partition which then splits the smoke several or even hundreds of ways before letting it exit and join together once again.

Another benefit of utilizing a percolator bong is that the smoke is ran across glass for a longer period of time. This allows more tars to be removed from the smoke especially when the smoke is squeezed through small passageways within the percolator.

One more point to make is how scientific and cool your bong looks with one of these built inside.

We have cheap percolator bongs for sale and we ship them all over the world from a UK based head shop, you will find all sorts of brands such as Grace Glass with prices ranging from cheap to extravagant. No matter what colour or size percolator bong you want to buy you will not be let down by our amazing collection.