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Since 2012, Herb Tools has been supplying the highest quality bongs, vaporizers and smoking accessories to the UK. When the website first opened up there was a very small selection of around 20 products, it took a couple of years of hard work to bulk up the selection but our team pulled together and managed it. By around 2014, Herb Tools had a selection of just over 1000 products! We have always had customer satisfaction as our number one concern and we believe this is what got us to where we are today.

Around the year 2018 we took a long break and temperarily closed the doors due to issues with payment processing and warehousing. In 2020 we decided it was time to reopen our ecommerce shop with a brand new selection of smoking goodies. We now have a brand new range of stock that we plan on growing. By 2021 we plan on introducing our very own brand of quality products. We want to thank all of our previous customers for trusting us with their orders and helping us grow into the well known brand that we are today.